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Un nuovo concept album. Un ritorno ad una ricerca sonora autentica. Da una storia di vita fatta di natura e di volpi selvatiche, ecco il nuovo lavoro di Michele Villetti.

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Album interior


This album comes from a personal meeting with four wild foxes, with whom I lived in the summer of 2015. I had the honor of living and understanding spiritual enormities, which I am convinced will come out clearly only when I am extremely mature to be able to communicate for now, what I managed to do is simply enclose all these emotions in this album, which represents in four acts made of music this marvelous crisis that I had when I found myself in front of this miracle, where every human parameter structured in it has been annulled as if by magic, leaving space to the most intimate truths of my soul and to a wonder as strong as it is disarming appreciated outside, in the life of every being. Hence "The Genius, back to Earth", a concept album that communicates my inner passages towards a growth that is still evolving today. In all these dynamics, a sort of superior entity, Il Genius, represents the spirit that has regulated the multitude of my union with the forest, the foxes and my soul.


Michele Villetti, The Art Republic Foundation Study. March 2018.



Because "The Genius" "

The "Genius" in ancient cultures represents the great mother, the entity that regulates the spirits and dynamics of nature.

The cover is represented by a woman (behind her there is the mountain palanzana where the foxes live today) naked, with mutilated breasts and covered by a mask. The meaning that I wanted to give with this image is that mother nature is now offended by human invasiveness but nevertheless it is still alive, even though the scars on the body still has all its beauty, and is ready to regenerate. She also wears a mask, which represents our inability to see her "in the face".

The Genius: a concept album to be discovered.

The concept of the whole album is about my personal evolution after this significant experience with the foxes. I wanted to create an album dedicated to an extremely intimate existential reflection, in which I tried to bring to light the modern human situation, more and more subdued by the frenzy of the post-industrial era. In fact the intro of the album is represented by a poem by Charles Bukowsky "The Genius of the Mass" in which it is explained how this degradation is from nourishment to hatred and the lack of universal love, an attitude that can only be found in nature and in our smpilità. Immediately afterwards, however, a passage is linked with a language invented by a five-year-old girl to whom I taught percussion, which literally translated one of my texts with her own language. This piece wants to communicate the first question I asked myself when I started to reflect on all this: "is it possible that this evil is able to permeate so much on supreme love?" The songs then continue divided into acts, Exactly 4, named: "QUESTION", "INCUBATION", "MANIFESTATION", "ELEVATION"


The tracks:

In addition to the first two (the intro with the poem by Bukowsky and "The Genius") that represent the act of QUESTION, or the question of why part of the fall has fallen into this state, to follow we find "DAP" (acronym in Italian of panic attack disorder), "THE SOCIETY WHERE I CAN NOT LIVE" and "TROUGHT THE INTUITION". These three songs depict the fear that I initially felt in accepting all this reality made of absurdity, and at the same time the wonder I was living with the foxes, which also in their way of being ruthless in some things (such as in hunting ), they had a balance that reconciled me with life. From this chaos I started the first steps of this journey, towards a sort of existential intuition.


It is the third act where we find the song "LULLABY FIREFLY" which represents the strength of hope which, born from the dim light of a firefly, restores us to the awareness of "ALIVE", which is based on the theme of life, "here" and now "and of the fact that life can be improved and reborn literally.



The fourth and last act is characterized by the song "GROWING UP" in which it is intrinsic the awareness that in the falls and in moments of crisis there is the preamble for a spiritual growth, which finds peace and reason to exist in "L'ALBA SEPARA dalla LUCE L'OMBRA ", where this man, now an adult leaves the house leaving the children  to play and walking in a stretch of lawn right in front of his house, turn on a gramophone, listening to the music, which fades in the pulsations of heartbeats of two fetuses, as if to indicate the rebirth of new life.



1 intro

2 the Genius


3 D.A.P.

4 the society where i can not live

5 through intuition


6 lullaby firefly

7 alive


8 growing up