Michele Villetti Quartet


11min digest video. Concert taken from the release of "masileyo, soundtracks for a real life", last work of Michele Villetti (avaiable on google play, Itunes and Spotify . 2,99 euro) on 16 april 2014 (Music Shop, Viterbo, Italy)




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Stefano Battaglia Double Bass
Nicola Guida Piano, effects
Lorenzo Fontana Saxophones
Michele Villetti Drums e percussion, flute , keyboard.

MICHELE VILLETTI, drummer percussionist , composer
He was born on 8th June 1984 and since he was a child, he listened to the most important music interpreters of the XIX century and others. Michele Villetti is a versatile musician, capable to range over the music, from classical to jazz, from soul to funk, from world music to progressive one. He plays various instruments and he collaborated with international artists . COLLABORATES WITH KARL POTTER, DELMAR BROWN, AMANA MELOME', TONY MONACO, JERRY BERGONZI, STEVE GROSSMANN, MOGOL, GIORGIO ROSCIGLIONE,AMALIA GRE',TONY FORMICHELLA, SHAWNN MONTEIRO, GIACOMO ANSELMI, KIOSHI KITAGAWA,FRANCISCO MELA,EDDY PALERMO,RAY MANTILLA,FLAVIO BOLTRO,MASSIMO DAVOLA, ANDREA SEKI, GEGE' MUNARI,MASSIMO FARAO',ALDO ZUNINO, ARCHIE SHEPP, BENNY GOLSON....etc etc...